Du Blues Sinon Rien-émission N° 1468 du 16 mai 2023

Rory Gallagher-Fresh Evidence-Capo-1990-Kid Gloves

Frank-I’m A phony And A Fraud-Self-2023-Spinning Wheel

Imperial Crows-25 Live-Dixiefrog-2018-Big Boy

Kelly’s Lot-Can’t Take My Soul-Self-2019-All Hope Ain’t Lost

Handsome Jack-A Good Thing-Self-2023-A Good Thing

Pontillo And The Vintage Crew-For the Love of Blues-El Puerto Records-2023-City of Gold

Misty Blues-Outside the Lines-Gina Coleman-2023-Every Which Way

Michael Jones-Celtic Blues Live-Self-2011-L’irlandaise

Rab McCullough-Belfast Blues-Spitfire Records-2001-Louisiana Woman

Joe Bonamassa-Redemption-J&R Adventures-2018-Deep In The Blues Again

Bill Deraime-Mister Blues-BMG-1990-Plus la Peine De Frimer

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