Du Blues Sinon Rien-émission N°1466 du 2 mai 2023

Calvin Russell-A Man In Full-Last Call-2011-This Is Your World

Manu Lanvin-Grand Casino-Verycords-2019-So Come On Down

Neil Morrison Band-Without You-Self-2023-Loving Him Too

Black Sausage & The Cowberry Jam-Tape is Rollin’-Puuma Records-2023-Devil’s Son-in-Law

Mazingo-Soleil Noir-Le Backbeat-2023-Fight

Will james-Sundancer-Self-2023-Grindstone

BBM-Around The Next Dream-Virgin Records-1994-Where In The World

Rod Barthet-A l’ombre des sycomores-Self-2023-Les Mers Du Sud

Patrick Coutin-L’homme Invisible-Louise Music-2023-La ballade de Jesus Cat

Angelo Leadbelly Rossi-It Don’t Always Matter How Good You Play-Bloos Records-2023-
Wait A Little Longer More

Ka & the Blue Devils-Once Upon a Time..-Self-2019-My name is George Stinney

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