LE MIEL DANS LES OREILLES : émission du 15-02-2024

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  • Thomas Boulo dit :

    artiste titre album label année
    the three lives vast magnetic field accross & beyond full dose 2022
    the mothmen afghani dub pay attention on u-sound 2015
    king geedorah anti-matter feat. mr fantastik take me to your leader big dada rec. 2003
    mf doom/substance abuse profitless thoughts (kutmasta kurt remix) super-vilain team-up threshold rec. 2023
    model home fly on the wall feat. michael r. bernstein saturn in the basement disciples 2022
    tzii certain behaviors with colored eyes gum-sucking teenagers in daydreams facing the wall of fear lost dogs entertainments 2023
    steve pepe oscuro va/ interactive pictures stéréogramme 2022
    shunt grass youtube 2024
    horse lords zero degree machine comradely objects rvng intl. 2022
    tropical fuck storm moonburn moonburn ep joyfull noise rec. 2022
    equipment pointed ankh olympics III wjthout human permission astral editions/sophomore lounge 2021
    opéra mort la nouvelle fin du monde le présent éditions gravats 2024
    brian eno surbahar sleeping music 1 surbahar sleeping music universal 2023

    groupe facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemieldanslesoreilles
    instagram : le_miel_dans_les_oreilles
    podcast : https://podcast-radiobeton.com/le-miel-dans-les-oreilles

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