LE MIEL DANS LES OREILLES : émission du 21-09-2023

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  • Thomas Boulo dit :

    artiste titre album label année
    la cliqua les quartiers chauffent le meilleur, les classiques 2007
    j. stylez show em how to go feat. kool keith single stilo pro 2023
    comfort real woman what’s bad enough ? fatcat rec. 2023
    stanley/nappa/cain page turner juju minefield bandcamp 2023
    sara ohm/black hair rolled in dried blood behind windows behind windows ep bandcamp 2023
    minami deutsch/damo suzuki extrait part1 live at roadburn fuzz club rec. 2019
    gladboy karlofff va : the bitter end (a collection of norwich music) lowell rec. 2023
    can i’m so green ege bamyasi united artists rec. 1972
    23 skidoo macaw gunger peel session (1981) ltm 2012
    public image ltd being stupid again end of world pil official 2023
    the folk implosion nasa theme music for kids domino 2023
    bullant like it’s not fun late life circ phc film 2023
    deathprod I O sow your gold in the white foliated earth smalltown supersound 2022
    accident du travail nature et traditions galéjade disques charivari 2023

    groupe facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemieldanslesoreilles
    instagram : le_miel_dans_les_oreilles
    podcast : https://podcast-radiobeton.com/le-miel-dans-les-oreilles

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