LE MIEL DANS LES OREILLES : émission du 23-11-2023

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  • Thomas Boulo dit :

    artiste titre album label année
    the beatles i want you (she’s so heavy) 2019 mix abbey road 2019 (1969)
    7 year rabbit cycle this makes me a barn burner ache hornes free porcupine society 2006
    bush tetras snakes crawl boom in the night (original studio recordings 1980-1983) roir 1995
    sightings odds on arrived in gold load rec. 2004
    idea fire company addicts bathroom electronics horn of plenty 2023
    rattle boom s/t upset the rhythm/i own you rec. 2016
    ciccio & 2mo tunnel maremoto the trilogy tapes 2023
    the idealist actionist dub a lion is a lion and not a lamb meakusma 2022
    dj muggs/8tari lofi punk jump around single soul assassins 2023
    goat vakna medicine rocket rec. 2023
    wooden wand & the vanishing voice extrait didn’t i train gipsy freedom 5 rue christine 2005
    nicole lachartre onirique mundus metaphon 2023

    groupe facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemieldanslesoreilles
    instagram : le_miel_dans_les_oreilles
    podcast : https://podcast-radiobeton.com/le-miel-dans-les-oreilles

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