LE MIEL DANS LES OREILLES : émission du 25-05-2023

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  • Thomas Boulo dit :

    artiste titre album label année
    six organs of admittance spirits abandoned dark noontide holy mountain 2002
    the tower recordings i didn’t know that hajji smoked / id can hear the magic spring folk scene communion label 2001
    marta salogni / tom relleen giant desert cats music for open space hands in the dark 2023
    orion music workshop niki mort ma naissance mâlemort les disques omnison 2023
    gol / mik quantius / dave nuss the flight is verdant and pink bruxelles planam 2013
    ashtray navigations extrait the soul of man under socialism the love that whirrs las visible dog 2008
    no neck blues band extrait side a formally haywire dakinsina 2023
    ak’chamel, the giver of illness ossuary from the sixth extinction a mournful kingdom of sand akuphone 2023
    charalambides two places at once houston siltbreeze 1998
    the dwarfs of east agouza extrait bent, black and red the green dogs of dashour akuphone 2020
    vibracathedral orchestra sleep rec blast motorbike vhf rec. 2015

    groupe facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemieldanslesoreilles
    instagram : le_miel_dans_les_oreilles
    podcast : https://podcast-radiobeton.com/le-miel-dans-les-oreilles

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