Alice CooperKiller” Killer 1971

Buffy Sainte MarieThe Vampire”

-Iron ClawDevils” Iron Claw (enregistré en 70’s, jamais sorti avant une compilation sortie en 2009 )

Jan Dukes De Grey “Sorcerers” Sorcerers 1969

-Coven “Pact with Lucifer” Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls 1969

SteppenwolfMonster” Monster 1969

Pig Rider “Dracula” Pig Rider 1975

Rogér Fakhr “The Wizard” Rogér Fakhr 1978

Tim BuckleyMexicali Voodoo”Look at the fool 1974

Zior “Strange Kind Of Magic” Every Inch a Man 1973

Junipher GreeneWitches Daughter” Friendship 1971


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