LE MIEL DANS LES OREILLES : émission du 23-03-2023

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  • Thomas Boulo dit :

    artiste titre album label année
    38 spesh old ways (bootleg kev fre style) single tcf music group 2023
    clipping. nothing is safe (jonathan snipes remix) clbbng sub pop 2022
    babybaby_explores gum food near me, weather tomorrow no gold 2023
    guttersnipe poppyseed pudendum split w/ cuntroaches anxious music 2020
    matt elliott unresolved the end of the days ici d’ailleurs 2022
    model/actriz donkey show dogsbody true panther sounds 2023
    cuntroaches (i can tell you’re) scum split w/ guttersnipe anxious music 2020
    faust weird sounds sounds bizarre momentaufnahme 1 bureau b 2023
    tzii certain behaviors with colored eyes gum-sucking teenagers in daydreams facing the wall of fear lost dogs entertainment 2023
    föllakzoid electric III sacred bones rec. 2015
    olimpia splendid mimosa pudica 2 k-raa-k/fonal rec. 2023
    miss tiny the sound single speedy wunderground rec. 2023
    the tenant manifestation of your sicknesse single tenant rec. 1979
    rump state mystic day trader retaliation aesthetics no lagos musicque 2023

    groupe facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemieldanslesoreilles
    instagram : le_miel_dans_les_oreilles
    podcast : https://podcast-radiobeton.com/le-miel-dans-les-oreilles

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