RIFFS 70 du 4 novembre 2023

Bang “Lions, Christians” Bang 1972

Betty Davis “If Im In Luck I Might Get Picked Up” Betty Davis 1973

Cactus “Parchman Farm” Cactus 1970

Count Bishops “Train, Train” The Count Bishops (ou « Speedball ») 1977

Hawkwind “Master of the Universe” In Search of Space 1971

RUBRIQUE INFLUENCES : Gyasi “Fast Love” Pronounced Jah-See 2022

Fuchsia “Just Anyone” Fuchsia 1971

Les Dudek “Jailabamboozle” Say No More 1977

Tears “Ooh Lah” Tears 1974

Wigwam “Let The World Ramble On” Fairyport 1971

-Elonkorjuu « Swords Finlande » Harvest Time 1972

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