RIFFS 70 – spéciale animaux ♡

-Spirit “Animal Zoo” Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus 1970

-Boz Metzdorf “Down on the Farm” Signs of Seasons 1979

-Bob Dylan « New Pony » Street-Legal 1978

-Bow Street Runners “Spunky Monkey” Bow Street Runners 1970

-ELO “Bluebird is dead” On the Third Day 1973

-Humble Pie “Big Black Dog” Smokin 1972 (Live 1970)

-Jefferson Airplane “wild turkey” Bark 1971

-Joe Walsh “Wolf” The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get 1973

-John Mayall “The bear” Blues from Laurel Canyon 1968

-Moby Grape “horse out in the rain”

-Pig Rider “The Insect Song” Heterophonies 1975

-The Pink Fairies “The Snake” Never Never Land 1971

-The Roches “Damned Old Dog” The Roches 1979

-MC5 “Call Me Animal” High Time 1971

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